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How to get more product engagement?

Customers don't always make it to your website. So it's best to entice them a little bit. This can be done by sharing quick snippets of your product benefits via social media and your email listing. I created this infographic using Canva (I teach how to do these inside of A Boss Academy). It's super easy and fun to do! I actually love it when I can be creative... I'm sure you can see my creativity throughout my branding lol (yes I create all of my graphics myself!). If you're going to be building and running your business you are going to have to tap into your creativity honey because you are going to need to think of fun creativity ways to keep your customers interested in your brand. 

The infographic I created above is a perfect way to do just that! If you need help jumpstarting your creativity, Canva has tons of built in templates to choose from. You can even use my concept above and recreate it to fit your brand. Change the hair extension to either lashes, or shampoo, or wig... and then list the benefits. It's not hard coming up with the ideas though.. you just must be consistent! But that's where I come in, to push you and keep you on your toes! 

I want you to now think of content ideas you can do for the next 2 days and create them in canva. Write your captions out in your notes until you need them and then post them on the day. of.  Use these same post and send them as emails to your email list. BOOM! Now you've killed 2 birds with one stone!

Make sure in the caption of every post you are not just giving content but also include a "call to action" such as "shop now", "click the link in my bio", etc. They must always be aware that there is product to purchase.

Atiyah, I hope you found these quick tips helpful! If you wish to work with me hand in hand to see deeper results inside of your business we can do that as well. I would like to invite you to my personal online coaching program called A Boss Academy where I teach you, show you and hand-held guide you along the process of creating your own six figure brand!!

For more information about A Boss Academy I've prepared an 2hr webinar presentation explaining what A Boss Academy can offer you and what you can expect from me. To view the webinar click the button below.

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