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3 Social Media Content Ideas

I want to help you learn how to convert your social media followers into Cash, Coins, Fetty (showing my age) whatever you want to call it lol. I want to help you to turn the people who stumble over your social media page to paying customers. So I jotted down 3 Social Media Post Ideas that are super successful in targeting engagement. And that's what we want! When people are engaged you now have their attention which means you need to give them a "call to action" while you have them locked in. Because if you're like me on social media I scrollllllll swiftly! So if they locked in for that split second, LAY IT ON EM!

Three Social Media Post Ideas:

  1. EDUCATIONAL: Take the time to educate your customers on your products. Ways to do this would be to create video, infographics or downloadable pdf showing them how to take care of your product or use your product. 
  2. TRENDING TOPIC: Scope out different blog pages and latch onto the newest trend relating it back to your brand and products.This is the easiest way to grab attention from customers because everyone is already proving to be interested in the trend. One example that recently passed was the "red flag" trend.
  3. BEHIND THE SCENES: Everyone loves to bypass the beginning and show the end results not knowing the beginning is the most inspiring. Show behind the scenes of you getting down and dirty with your brand. Build a connection with your customers showing them it’s not about the money; you actually have a passion for the product and providing great service. People love this stuff. 

Make sure in the caption of every post you are not just giving content but also include a "call to action" such as "shop now", "click the link in my bio", etc. They must always be aware that there is merchandize to purchase.

Atiyah, I hope you found these quick tips helpful! If you wish to work with me hand in hand to see deeper results inside of your business we can do that as well. I would like to invite you to my personal online coaching program called A Boss Academy where I teach you, show you and hand-held guide you along the process of creating your own six figure brand!!

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