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Who is MtrlGirl®?

MtrlGirl® [Material Girl] - born Atiyah [uh-tee-yuh] and I am the Founder & CEO of Intense Beauté by MtrlGirl® [pronounced Intense Beauty], a virgin hair extensions and lifestyle company. I am the Author of BO$$ Up or Sit Down and a Business Coach to name a few. Raised in Newark, New Jersey I grew up being my mothers only child. Entrepreneurship was always one of my goals and strengths, but as a young adult my other interests (such as partying, shopping, and hanging out with friends) took up most of my time and money. I always dreamed of owning my own business but never knew exactly what the business would be, not until I went natural and discovered my love for hair extensions.

After trying college for 3x I dropped out after being one semester away from an associates degree in Communications. In no way am I advocating that anyone drops out of college but in my case college was taking time away from me walking into my destiny. A couple months after leaving college and neglecting my calling of being my own boss, I finally mustered up the courage to launch Intense Beauté® in 2016.

I too was just like you not too long ago; lost, booking coaching calls with different entrepreneurs like myself and asking if they would become my mentor. Even though none of them had the time to actually mentor me, I received some great advice from them. With the guidance I received along with daily experience, during my first full year of business Intense Beauté® grossed over $100,000. Yes I saw my first SIX FIGURES! But with that accomplishment also came a lot of mistakes.

Now its been four years since the launching of my company Intense Beauté® and so much wisdom has been gained. With my new mentoring platform I plan to help guide the curious minds out there looking to have their own business one day into the right direction. It's not realistic to think you won't come across any obstacles with my help but I do trust that I can help minimize those mistakes and have you maximize on your gains. In the end, don't let anyone tell you wrong because there is room for all of us to win. Lets empower each other!