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What it Takes to Run a Successful Business: Webinar

What it Takes to Run a Successful Business: Webinar

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Running a business is not easy! I will be the first to tell you this and absolutely mean it when I say it, but I will also be the first to tell you owning a business is also one of the most rewarding opportunities a person will get to experience in their life time.

Are you someone who currently owns or wish to own a business but are having difficulty wrapping your head around how to lead your business to success? If you answered yes you NEED to grab yourself a seat inside of this webinar as you can see by the title it was made just for you!

In this webinar I will be going over What it takes to run a business and the key elements new and seasoned business owners often over look!

We Will Discuss:

1. What’s holding you back? 🔐

2. Imposter Syndrome yourself to death! 🤯

3. My personal 3C Method to Cashing out these sales 💰 

4. The untold secret to Success  🤫

5. Not what you know but who can teach you what you don’t know  📚👩🏽‍🎓

If you know you need this class then grab your ticket now and don't hesitate, overthink and second guess yourself out of it; creating a million reasons why it won't be worth it. That's the reason right there why your business is failing- because you are the parasite poisoning your own success. YUP! I said it! Get your ticket now and I'll see you inside the webinar!

When: Sunday October 24th

Time: 3pm- 5pm EST

Where: Zoom